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Ever wondered where you could get a professional plumber? A plumber who will fix all your gas issues? Are you living in Liverpool? Any pipes leaking, any pumps not working, any faulty valves, do you have any drainage system that is not properly working? Then you are in the right place. This is where all your troubles disappear; and where your plumbing needs gets sorted out. So stop throwing your money down the drain. Try us. Give us a call today and all your piping and gas systems will be up and running well; just as they were when new.

Besides repairing of damaged, old and spoiled gas piping, we also provide installations for new ones. This is the easy part for us. We have state of the art equipment, reliable servicing without forgetting our professional gas fitters; call them gas engineers.

Let us break down what we do as plumbing in general

Water and gas pipes

Plumbing isn’t all about water piping. Gas piping is involved too. And this is our area of specialisation. Thus we repair and install gas and water lines for our customers. This piping could be waste pipes, overflow pipes, water mains installation, drains and drainage lines, bath shower mixer taps, shower and baths as well as tank installation.

Central heating

Including boiler repairs and services, full central heating under floor heating systems, power flushing, unvented cylinders, bathrooms suites, and showers, radiator valves, water softeners, immersion heaters, blocked baths and sinks, stopcocks and blockages.

Our emergency services include; Early leakage detection from all pipes. Drain cleaning. Unblocking of clogged drains is a prioritised job. Sewer service and sewer replacements. Loose and leaky faucet fittings. Toilets and water heaters.

Leaking taps

Most people think that a small drip from a tap will not cause so much damage. The accumulative impact of it could be enormous. Research has showed that one drop a second can lead to an accumulated waste of up to 3000 gallons of water in a year! If you try to fix it and it does not work then it will be the best time to call a professional plumber.

Drains not working

Clogging in bathtubs prevent easy drainage of water. This is a problem which grows bigger with time. We all know the effects of stagnant water in living premises. So when the drains fail, you should not hesitate calling a plumber. Inconsistent flow of water. If the pumps are working correctly but the pressure of water flowing from the tap is low then that might suggest a need to replace the water lines. Poor piping could be the cause. Winter nightmare. The U.K experiences periods of winter at some times in the year. Pipes tend to burst more frequently during this time. When faced with such a problem don’t try to fix it yourself. It might worsen. You need a plumber. Call us. During the initial installations of new gas line. To prevent future damages and costs, gas engineers are the ideal people to call after you purchase a new gas system. In Liverpool, specifically, our team is there for this. Just a call away.

Why JWC Plumbing & Heating?

Our gas engineers company in Liverpool is registered with Gas Safe. Gas safe is a body that ensures safety in as far as gas in households is concerned. Any decision in gas installation should begin by checking on whether the gas engineers are registered with Gas Safe. We, being registered with Gas safe, give you an implication that we are qualified to handle your gas based needs.

We are reliable. Firstly reaching us is very fast and straightforward. Then upon contacting us it does not take long before we come to assess the plumbing job needing to be done. Rapid response – same day service. We do not charge for these assessment tests. Hoses and connectors are provided alongside the installation equipment. We strive to get the best pipes for leading the gas from its source. Gas is a highly flammable substance. Taking necessary precautions like ensuring that the hoses and connectors are well and properly fitted is our priority. We don’t take chances on this.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We have successfully completed jobs all over Liverpool. We have gained so much experience throughout the years. Dealing with different situations, our gas engineers are well acquainted with the job they are perceived to carry out.

We are well certified and licensed. All our workers (the engineers) are properly qualified and experienced. They possess the right papers for this job. The company as a whole is licensed to operate in Liverpool, dealing with gas products. We take pride in every job we do. Our heating team dedicates all its efforts in ensuring that the standards of the services they provide are the best you can get anywhere. We therefore treat every household property as our own. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Based in Liverpool, we have an elite team of Gas engineers who are experienced in dealing with all gas related issues and plumbing needs in general. We also cover neighbouring locations such as Bootle, Wallasey, Birkenhead, Prescot, Prenton, St Helens, Wirral, Widnes.

It’s time you hired the best. It is time you discovered our potential. We offer both a commercial gas engineer and domestic gas engineer service. Try JWC Plumbing & Heating – the Liverpool gas engineers. You will not regret it.