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gas safety certificates liverpool

What you need to know about Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

The law requires that all landlords in the UK get a gas safety certificate every 12 months. To get the certificate engineer registered with Gas Safe has to prove that all gas pipes and appliances installed at your property are safe for your tenants use. However, in a market of many players beware of rogue traders will attempt to give cut-price certificates that are unrecognised. It is important to get a professional company that employees experienced engineers to carry out checks. We have engineers in the Liverpool area who will carry out comprehensive checks and issue certificates.

Gas safety certificate

This is a record of compliance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, which requires all gas systems in a rental property to be checked annually.CP12 certificates are only completed by engineers under Gas Safe Register. All engineers employed to work on gas appliances in the United Kingdom must be registered with the Gas Safe Register to work lawfully. All our gas system engineers are recognised under the Gas Safe Register and can authentically provide you with landlord gas certificates.

Why you need a safety gas inspection

The checks are done once a year, and the certificate given to the tenant within a month of being issued, and to new tenants moving into your property. Gas safety checks will ensure that your gas system and appliances are working properly, efficiently and safely. Despite it being a legal requirement, you get to avert losses and the damage that gas problems would cause to your property, and also ensure safety for your tenants.

As a landlord you are responsible for your tenant’s safety. You are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the gas system that your tenants use. You need a detailed inspection carried out so that glitches can be identified early and fixed. If a tenant has their own gas appliance, then your responsibility stops at the installation and pipework but not for the real appliance.

Gas safety for your tenants is a serious issue that calls for compliance at all times. Our experienced engineers in Liverpool will provide you with expert safety advice, checks and valid certificates. Our Gas Safe registered engineers in Liverpool will inspect your gas pipes, gas meter and appliances to help you stay compliant with the law. Our landlord gas certificates indicate the dates of the inspection and when it is due for renewal.

Tenant friendly and detailed inspection

Before issuing landlord gas safety certificates our team carries out tenant consultations. Since the tenants are the ones the law is trying to protect, we get their experience first-hand and highlight their concerns. The consultation involves us visiting their residences and kitchens and inspecting every aspect of the gas system. We give you an up to date report and suggest major repairs and changes to be made for the safety of your tenants. You can choose to use our engineers to do the fixes required or get another company, it is not a hard sale. However when you do choose us we do quality repairs and fixes and you can be assured that your gas system will remain in a good condition for many years

Your tenants can directly contact us in case of gas system breakdown, this way we are able to do a comprehensive inspection and deliver the full report to you for repairs and replacement. We take into account your breakdown history in determining the fixes you need to make.

With our report you can advise the tenant of any pipes or chimneys that are unsuitable for use. You can choose to oversee any installation of gas appliances by the tenants so that you comply with your legal duties of keeping the tenants out of gas dangers. Gas safety certifications however will only be proof of compliance if you take the advice of the Gas safe registered engineer and carry out some repairs and maintenance.

When you contact us to carry out gas safety inspection for your property in Liverpool we will carry pout the following.

  • Check for acceptable provision of all required ventilation
  • Check appliances for gas tightness
  • Check for physical stability of the pipework and report leaks
  • Investigate evidence of hazardous operation and report to a responsible person
  • Checking flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion
  • Check gas rate and burner pressure against manufacturer’s instructions

Property safety supervision

With our services, you get to keep your property in the safest condition for a higher leasing value. Our compressive inspection reports will legally protect you in the event that a tenant sues you when an accident occurs. We streamline communication between landlord and tenants and address any gas glitches with promptness.

Comprehensive package

With us you get a comprehensive package of gas safety inspection and certification, consultation together with repair and maintenance. We help you provide a safe home to your tenants. Seeing that you champion their safety and given that you comply with the law, your business will flourish. Landlord gas safety certificates are proof that the landlord is taking measures to ensure a safe environment for the tenants.

Professional services

We are always punctual, our phone lines are open every day and you can make inquiries any time. Our business is focused on inspection, certification and giving you a full status report of your gas systems. We can also maintain your gas flues and appliances in your Liverpool property.

Whenever you are in need of gas safety inspection and certifications for your property in Liverpool, our engineers will do a thorough work for you. With the help of our experienced team of experts, you will be able to keep your gas system in proper functioning conditions. There are a lot of benefits of having these checks done often as highlighted earlier, but the main best of both is that it saves you costs in the long run. Our inspection is transparent and the property owner gas certificates are genuine, admissible even in a court of law.