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Boiler Replacement Liverpool

With energy bills on the rise it might be time to have a look at your boiler and consider an upgrade to a modern more energy efficient boiler. Heating makes up around 60% of your energy bills so upgrading your boiler could make a huge difference. There are several reasons why modern boilers are more efficient but the main advantage is that all modern boilers are condensing boilers.

Gas Boiler

All boilers, if well maintained burn fuel efficiently; however they do lose some heat in the gasses that escape up the flue. Condensing boilers have bigger heat exchangers so they pick up more heat and send cooler gasses up the flue. Sometimes the gasses in the flue get so cool that they condense out and more energy is recovered from the condensed vapour making them more efficient.

Things To Consider Before Boiler Replacement
Here are a few things you should take into consideration before a boiler replacement to make sure you choose the right boiler for you.

Fuel: If you have a mains gas supply then a gas boiler is most likely the cheapest heating option, however some may argue oil is currently the cheapest, but over past years oil has always been more expensive.
If you don’t have a main gas supply to your home you can always call the company that operates the gas network in your area and they may be able to partially or completely fund the cost of getting a gas connection to your home. If you require more information on this then you can contact Energy Networks Association. http://www.energynetworks.org/info/find-us/contact-us.html

Boiler Type: The majority of old boilers are ordinary boilers with a separate hot water cylinder to store hot water as oppose to it coming directly from the boiler. When you replace your boiler you can either buy a new ordinary boiler and keep your existing hot water cylinder, or buy a combi boiler that doesn’t need a hot water cylinder.
An ordinary boiler produces hot water more efficiently than a combi; however some heat is lost via the hot water cylinder, so overall a combi boiler may be more efficient.

Hot Water Usage: Large families that use a lot of hot water my benefit more from an ordinary boiler, where as a smaller household using less hot water may benefit more from a combi boiler.
Space: Ordinary boilers require a hot water cylinder so they can take up a bit of space whereas combi boilers don’t need the hot water cylinder so they require a lot less space.

Choosing an Installer: It is important to make sure that the plumber you chose to install your new boiler is gas safe registered. This means that they are fully qualified to safely install your boiler. You can check this information on the Gas Safe Register. https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk or https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/find-an-engineer/find-by-name/?ep=qg3QwadgAAfBpIcb6hvl%2fM0Yj6dKw0JYI1QeDc32tEYa7q5w2h4qB3Pd7%2bd9f%2fi5

3 Comments on “Boiler Replacement Liverpool”

  • Hong Salomonsson May 2nd, 2019 9:42 am

    I’m thinking replacing an old vented cylinder to an unvented direct one. At the same time, connect the shower water to the new cylinder (it’s now a seperated electric one).Can you give me an offer?

  • Louie Lyons August 25th, 2020 1:38 pm


    I am after a boiler quote if you could help please?

    I currently have a system boiler with a water tank in the airing cupboard and another tank in the loft. The property is a 2 bedroom semi-detached with 6 radiators, 1 bath and a shower over the bath.

    The current boiler is in the kitchen and I’m happy for it to stay there. The flue is on the external wall not near anything and is a square shape.

    I’m looking for a 30kw boiler.


  • Mark August 26th, 2020 12:26 pm

    Thanks for your enquiry Louie, I’ll drop you an email. Thanks.

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