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Where You Should Check for Water Leaks


Have you ever received your water bill and ever thought, have I really used that much water!? If your bill doesn’t seem to add up theres a good chance your home is leaking water somewhere. We’ve compiled the most common areas where water can be lost in the home.


One of the most common places in the home you can get a water leak is from your toilet. When you flush a toilet repeatedly the parts inside can become worn and eventually break. There are several parts of a toilet that can break for example the valve, flush valve, ballcock e.t.c if any break or need to be adjusted from being used then this can cause water to continuously run, even just a trickle can add up when it comes to months and months of it. Make sure your toilet and any of its components are not running water after the tank is full.


Leaky faucets can be a major reason for water loss a dripping facet dripping at a rate of one drop per second and leak around 11,400 litres of water per year! That is a lot of waste. To make sure non of your faucets are leaking go into each room including bathrooms, kitchen, utility rooms e.t.c and check all your faucets for any leaks and remember to check the plumbing underneath the sink e.t.c.

Shower Heads

Shower heads are another common water leak hot spot in the home. A correctly working showerhead should leak a few drops of water after the shower has been switched off then it should stop leaking completely. If the showerhead continues to drip then there is a loose connection that needs tightening. Make sure all connections from the pipe to the shower head are correctly tightened if there is still a leak you may need to replace the O-ring.

Outdoor Taps

It’s quite easy to miss an outdoor dripping tap as there isn’t a build up of wasted water inside the property. Make sure you check the outside tap for any leaks especially after winter, freezing can damage pipes and washers.


It’s always a good idea to check for these sorts of issues regularly anyway whether you have a large water bill or not, leaking water in the home if unaddressed can cause a lot of expensive damage. If you have any leaks in your property or find damp or water in your home and do not know where it is coming from contact JWC Plumbing & Heating on 0151 345 4039 and we can come a check out the problem for you.

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