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Commercial Plumbing: Tips To Keep Pluming Up And Running!

Commercial PlumbingIf you are a business owner working from a commercial premise you will be aware of how important it is to keep your commercial plumbing up and running and in good working order. A fault in your plumbing could not only land you with a hefty repair bill but there could also be loss of revenue if customers can visit or staff cannot work!

This is why our team at JWC property service are sharing some essential commercial plumbing tips to help you keep your plumbing a business running smoothly.

Regular Maintenance – Scheduling regular boiler servicing and maintenance is vital for any business owner. By doing this it is more likely for any problems to be picked up and resolved quickly saving you time and money in the long run, it can also keep your energy bills down by having your plumbing system running as efficiently as possible.

Unblock Drains – If you find that sinks are taking longer than usual to fully drain then there could be a blockage. It is important to remember not to put certain items down the drain pipes such as, grease, fat, food waste and starches. This things over time will cause a blockage. To unblock a drain and keep them working efficiently you should pour a solution of hot water and vinegar down them every three months.

Prevent Frozen Pipes – Get any exposed pipes insulated to help protect them from the freezing temperatures. Set the heating to come on for shorth periods throughout the day and night in the property even when it is vacant.

Use Signs – Put up signs in bathrooms and kitchens to remind people what is okay to flush and wash down the drain. Blocked toilets are a very common plumbing problem and can often be easily avoided with the use of a sign.

Water Leaks – Even a small drip from a single tap can be very costly to a business. Its shocking but from a tap leaking 1 drip per minute will waste over 1350 litres of water a year! So that small, easy to repair drip can raise your water bill significantly. If you notice an increase in your water bill, then chances are you have a leak somewhere. If you cannot locate the leak yourself you can always call out your commercial plumber to help, they will be able to repair the leak once it has been found as well.


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