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Common Winter Plumbing Problems

winter plumbing problems


We all know of a few common winter plumbing problems that can cause us an unnecessary headache. As the weather gets colder and icier there is a risk of frozen pipes and other plumbing issues. The following shows the five most common problems you might face throughout the winter months.


Frozen Pipes

The winter weather in Britain can get very cold and pipes are at risk of freezing and other common winter plumbing problems. If you experience frozen pipes the first step is to turn of the main water supply. Turning off the water supply at the mains will prevent the pipe from building up pressure and prevent the possibility of the pipe bursting. Once the water is turned off it might be better to contact a plumber to assess any damage done to your pipes.


Poor Heating

As boilers are mainly inactive during the summer they can be under extra strain throughout the winter months which can make them more prone to breakdowns which can be avoided by routinely checking the heating system. If your house is struggling to get adequate heat, check the boiler pressure or organise a plumber to check it out.


Water Line Break

Other winter plumbing problems could include standing water freezing in your pipes which can cause a blockage. A blockage can cause pressure to build up in the pipes and eventually cause the pipe to burst or leak. Again if this happens, shut off the water supply and contact a plumber.


Water Heater Breakdown

The water heater in your home has to work much harder in the winter months when the temperatures drop below zero. Working at maximum capacity throughout the winter can put extra strain on your water heater if it has not been serviced regularly. To prevent winter plumbing problems with your water heater during winter months it might be better to have it serviced regularly by a plumber.


Non-winterised Plumbing

If parts of your plumbing system are not used over the winter months it would be better to winterise your system to prevent frozen pipes and risk of blockages, burst pipes or leaks. None winterised plumbing can cause water to freeze in the pipes and then when they thaw they can cause havoc in your home with sagging ceilings and shorted wiring as well as water damage to your furniture and personal belongings.


Winter plumbing problems can be prevented by winterising your plumbing. This can be achieved by shutting off the main water supply and draining out the water to prevent the standing water to freeze. Using an adequate insulation around your water pipes can also prevent the water within the pipes to freeze up in the winter. Remember, water expands when it freezes so all water needs to be drained from unused water pipes so it is best to leave drain valves open. If in doubt contact JWC Plumbing & Heating your local emergency plumber on 0151 345 4039




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