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Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Plumbing

What Is A Commercial Plumber?

Commercial plumbers are specialised in working with commercial businesses, properties and housing and retail development. They are able to maintain, repair and install much larger and more complex plumbing systems than a domestically trained plumber.

There are similarities in the work that a commercial plumber carries out compared to that of a domestic plumber, boilers, pipes sewers the main difference being the commercial plumber will be working on much larger systems and developments.

Commercial plumbers also work on complex and large water supply, water pressure, waste and boiler systems that require blueprints, they will understand exactly what is required of each job. It may also be required of a commercial plumber to design water supply, pressure and waste systems as well as boiler systems for new constructions.

What is The Difference between commercial and domestic plumbers?

The main differences between commercial and domestic plumbers are:

  • The size and complexity of a commercial plumbing system is one of the main differences between commercial and domestic plumbing. They often require a lot more pipes, bigger plumbing systems and more outlets. Plumbing facilities in commercial buildings such as toilets and sinks have a lot more demand and usage than that of a residential plumbing system.
  • In residential plumbing there is usually only two to three floors that require pipe work, toilets and sinks etc, whereas a commercial office building for example will have many stories that will all require, sinks, toilets, lots of pipework and cold water systems with the correct water pressure in each one. And premises such as hotels will have even bigger systems and more pipework than that of offices. A commercial plumber will have the knowledge and skills to design and install plumbing systems to cope with this high demand and run effectively throughout the building.
  • Commercial plumbers have the necessary skills and experience to work well alongside other trades in the development of a site and stick to strict timescales and plans.
  • Commercial plumbers have the experience and skills to maintain, repair and install large and complex plumbing and pipework systems and overcome and design problems and issues quickly and effectively.
  • The scale of most commercial premises means that the complexity of the commercial plumbing is a lot grater and with this the problems they encounter such as water pressure are a lot more difficult to deal with.
  • Commercial plumber work with industrial grade boilers, pipes and sewers.
  • Commercial plumber requires a lot more knowledge and stay up to date with a lot more codes than a residential plumber will ever encounter.
  • There are a lot more problems that can crop up with commercial plumbing. Pipework and sewer and much more complex repairs are needed.

What Does a Commercial Plumber Do?

  • Work on large and complex, water supply, pressure, waste, water heating systems, boilers, fire sprinklers, infrastructures in commercial buildings, retail centres, industrial facilities and developments.
  • Design commercial plumbing systems including boilers, pipework, waste and sewage systems.
  • Work with complex blueprints and plumbing designs.
  • Work on campsites, universities, collages, schools, churches, industrial units, kitchens, mobile catering vans, factories, office buildings cinemas, leisure centres, hotels, shopping centres and many more. They will ensure water systems, pipework, fire suppression systems, toilets, sinks, showers, kitchens waste systems, sprinklers and so on are all kept in good working order carrying out repairs when necessary.

What Does A Residential Plumber Do?

Domestic plumbers have the skills and qualifications to install, maintain and repair home plumbing systems. Such as fix leaks, install and repair boilers, central heating repairs and installation and many other domestic plumbing installations and issues.

Here at JWC Plumbing & Heating we provide our expert plumbing services to both domestic and commercial customers. Our skilled plumbers have the skills and qualifications to deal with any plumbing or heating installation or issues you may be having at home or at your business. Contact us today for mor information on our services and how we can help you, we are also available 24 hours a day for any commercial or domestic plumbing emergencies – 0151 345 4039


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