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Can I Use A Domestic Gas Engineer For My Business Premises?

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The answer is no, a domestic gas engineer is not trained or qualified to work on a commercial appliance. There are far more issues that can arise with a commercial appliance that a domestic gas engineer will not be trained to fix or even find in the first place. For example, a commercial building may have a larger meter with a bigger gas supply that is supplying a few smaller domestic meters. A domestic gas engineer would not be qualified to work on the larger meter so will not be able to carry out the necessary safety checks and tests to check for leeks.

Who’s Responsibility Is Gas Safety?

It is the employer’s responsibility by law to maintain their gas appliances and pipework to ensure they are regularly checked and are in safe working order. In rented premises the employer should check to see if it their responsibility or the landlords, this information can be found in the lease agreement. The person responsible for the maintenance of the gas appliances and pipework needs to ensure that all regular gas safety checks are carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. By having gas appliances regularly serviced you will not only have a safe working environment, but you could also save money on energy bills as all gas appliances will be kept working at maximum efficiency.

Do Businesses Have To Use Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

If your gas appliance or boiler is nest to where someone works, rests or sleeps then it is strongly recommended that you install a carbon monoxide alarm. In schools for example a carbon monoxide alarm will need to be installed next to whatever room the boiler is kept. If your commercial property is rented then your landlord should be aware of their obligations, however if you are the owner of the property then it is highly recommended that you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed.

Commercial Gas Safety

Regardless of the size of your business it is important to have a plan in place for when issues start to arise with your gas appliances, even more so during the winter months. By being prepared and keeping on top of your regular gas safety checks you can save yourself money in the long run and reduce chances of potentially costly downtime if your gas appliances stop working.

JWC Plumbing & Heating provide businesses with an expert commercial gas service tailored to your businesses needs, to help keep your business running as it should all year round.

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