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Why It’s Essential Your Plumber is Gas Safe Registered

Why It's Essential Your Plumber is Gas Safe Registered

Finding good plumbers these days is not as hard as people make out it is. In this day an age the safety of the homeowner is a top priority and because of this special organisations who work in conjunction with the government have been set up to help.

Always ensure all your gas appliances and your gas boiler are properly maintained and serviced. If you use the services of a local plumber make sure that they are Gas Safe registered, they should be able to give you their registration number and some ID.Incorrectly installed gas appliance can be very dangerous and lead to tragic consequences. If you think that any appliance in your house or the house of relatives or friends have been incorrectly installed, call out a local Gas Safe plumber from the UK.

If you are in search of a plumber then look for a plumber that is Gas safe Registered. Gas safe is an organisation that was set up to regulate the gas installation activity in the United kingdom, Isle Of Man and Guernsey. Plumbing and Gas go hand in hand, if you have a plumber fit your central heating in your property they will need to mess with the gas set up of your home to get your combi boiler to work.

When you use a registered plumber you are hiring someone who is vetted and is capable of a top quality, legal gas installation. This is why it is no longer hard to find a good plumber anymore, in the same token that it is no longer hard to find a good electrician with the forming of the NICEIC.After the plumber has inspected the problem then ask for an estimate of the cost involved and tell him to provide a cheaper alternative if you find the estimate too expensive. You should make sure that the plumber is gas safe registered.

If you as the homeowner decide to use a plumber that is not registered then you are putting your finances and your life in danger, remember gas is very dangerous. If ever there was an accident in the home due to the sub standard plumber you employed you could find your insurances void. If you are a landlord and hire a plumber who isn’t Gas Safe you risk being fined large sums of money.

There are many ways to find plumbers who can offer their customers a gas safe certified installation. A growing, popular way to search for plumbers is to use the Internet. You will see the gas safe logo on the website of any company who are registered or are capable of offering a gas safe certified installation. You can also use the older methods like the Yellow Pages and Thompson local books but this method is declining when you compare it to the popularity of the Internet.

And finally, there is good old recommendations from family and friends. Ask around, has anyone you know used a plumber recently who they are happy to recommend to you. If so, you can’t beat a recommendation from a family member or close friend. Good luck on your journey to locate a great plumber.

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