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How To Improve Boiler Efficiency?

In any home a boiler is an absolutely essential appliance and is frequently used in the home to provide hot water and heating. During the winter months we all need a warm home to get cosy and relax in as well as regular access to hot water. So, a boiler working at its absolute best is essential for making home life comfortable all year round.

When a boiler starts to operate efficiently this will easily be noticed by a significant increase in the household energy bills as you will be spending much more money on them than necessary. If its during the colder months you will also notice your radiators are not getting as hot and then before you know it your boiler will have a complete breakdown.

Luckily, there are things that you can do to improve the efficiency of your boiler and get it back in tip top working order. Below you will find a few tips our team here at JWC Plumbing & Heating have put together:

Yearly Boiler Service: Boilers require a yearly service carried out by a gas safe registered professional plumber in order to keep them in good working order and save you from any nasty surprises, just like your car, if you want it to run smoothly for as long as possible then it is absolutely necessary to have it serviced at lest once a year! If during your boiler service any issues are identified, then they can usually be quickly repaired saving you time and money in the future before these minor problems turn into significant issues.

Keep Boiler Clean: It may seem strange but having a dust free boiler can actually save you a small fortune! By keeping your boiler dust free you will prevent the blocking of pipes and tubes within the boiler which would not only affect its performance but would also increase your energy bills. Any good Gas Safe registered plumber will be able to clean the interior of your boiler during the annual service. It is important that you never try to clean the interior of the boiler yourself as this can be dangerous, and you could cause damage and problems that could be avoided.

Bleed Radiators: By bleeding your radiators you will improve the heat efficiency of them. It is a simple task, and to find out if your radiators need bleeding all you have to do is switch on the heating and monitor how long they take to heat up and check the tops of the radiators to see if there are any cold spots.

Regulate The Pressure: A drop n boiler pressure can affect the efficiency of a boiler so you should keep an eye on the pressure gauge of your boiler and ensure it maintained at between 1 – 1.5 if your pressure gauge reads a different number than these then the pressure will need regulating.

Insulate Pipes: By insulating your pipes ready for the winter months your boiler will not have to work as hard. Pipes can be insulated with lagging; these are foam tubes that fit easily around the pipes. Insulated pipes help limit heat loss and will also save you money on energy bills.

Turn The Heat On: During the summer months we tend not to use the heating as its cooling the house that is the issue! However it is beneficial for the health of your boiler to turn the heating on once a week for just 15 minutes, this will help prevent unwanted boiler break downs when the winter comes and you need the boiler to heat your home once again.

If your having problems with your boiler or it remains to run inefficiently after trying out all of these tips then contact JWC Plumbing & Heating, we will be able to diagnose and resolve any boiler issues you may be having – 0151 345 4039


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