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How to Maintain Drains at Your Commercial Property

No matter what type of business you are running, from a restaurant to an office you need to make sure that the performance and cleanliness of your property is always at its best. Maintaining the drains of your plumbing system plays a huge role in making sure everything at your property is running smoothly. So here are a few plumbing tips to keep your drains in working order:

Regular Professional Cleaning – Depending on how many people your building accommodates you should have your drains cleaned professionally by a plumber between 1-4 times a year. By doing this you can avoid issues such as clogs, backups and other drainage problems.

A plumber that is experienced in maintaining drains on commercial properties will use a degreasing solution, plumbing snake, and other specialised drain cleaning solutions to ensure your drains are truly clean. It may also be a good idea to regularly clean your drains with I high pressure jet, depending on your situation.


Preventative Maintenance – There are many things you can do on a regular basis at your property to try and prevent drain blockage issues. For example, using the correct cleaning products, installing screens over your drains and implementing correct food disposal processes within the building should go a long way to help keeping your drains in working order.

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