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How To Protect Your Home From Burst Pipes This Winter?

Emergency Plumber Liverpool - Burst Pipes

Escaping water from burst pipes is the reason behind most home insurance claims, this is why our team at JWC Plumbing & Heating have put together some helpful tips to help you reduce the risk of serious water damage from burst pipes this winter.

First things first you need to know where your stopcock is, as this is what you need to use to cut of the water flow to your property should you ever have a leak or burst pipe. In most cases the stopcock can be found either under the kitchen sink or at the mains water supply where it enters your property.

Avoid Damage from Burst Pipes

  • If you have an outdoor tap make sure there are no drips, this will prevent water soaking through the wall.
  • Look for any leaks around pipe joints under the sinks in your property regular.
  • Check pipes around washing machines and dishwashers regular, look for signs of bulging or cracking, replace any pipes with problems.
  • If you are leaving your property vacant for a while have a friend or relative check in every now and then, this way any leaks or burst pipes can be spotted early helping to keep water damage to a minimum. Also inform them where the stopcock is.

Prevent Frozen Pipes During The Winter Months

  • Make sure that pipes and water storage tanks are well insulated, insulation foam works better on top of pipes as oppose to under them.
  • Turn off indoor valves to any outdoor taps, then turn the outdoor tap on until all the water has drained.
  • Repair any dripping taps because if they freeze it can cause blocked pipes.
  • Check the taps in your home regular, if the water flow has slowed or stopped then you could have frozen water in the pipes.
  • If you are going away during the winter months set the central heating to come on for a short period, every day to help prevent pipes from freezing.

If your pipes do freeze then you can try to thaw them out yourself, however they should be warmed up slowly, do not ever use flames or a heat gun. If you notice any damage to the pipes, then you should contact your local emergency plumber before attempting to thaw the pipes.

Keep Drains Clear

  • Never put food waste down the sink as this often leads to blocked pipes.
  • Never pour fat down the sink, let it cool and then dispose of it with other household waste.
  • Avoid using too much toilet roll at one time.
  • Don’t flush baby wipes, nappies or other sanitary products down the toilet.
  • Clean drains regular with a suitable shop bought drain cleaner to help prevent blockages.

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