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Signs That Show Your Old Plumbing Needs Replacing

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When it comes to you plumbing there are a few tell tale signs that are letting you know that something is not quite right. Most major problems can simply be identified by using sensors such as, smell, sound and sight. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your plumbing especially if you have old plumbing and ensure it is well maintained, this will help prevent hefty repair bills down the line. If you keep having the occasional problem with your plumbing system and it requires repairs from time to time it is defiantly already time to consider having it replaced. Below you will find some common signs that are letting you know its time to replace your old plumbing system.

Slow Drains – this isn’t necessarily caused by a blockage, instead it is often due to lack of venting, which is often related to old plumbing. Venting is usually installed at the same time as drainage pipes and it allows pipes to easily drain however, this major step is often overlooked by homeowners in the bid to save a bit of money. So, if you are experiencing slow drainage or low water pressure then it could just be a simple fix of installing venting pipes to restore fast draining water back to your property.

Cracks – if you are noticing cracks in your walls or foundations then this is a sign of damaged pipes. Often it is a mainline that has broken and gone undetected. You shouldn’t just ignore this problem as not only will it be costly to repair further down the line it could even cause sink holes to appear.

Leaky Tap – This isn’t just an annoyance that you can learn to live with a leaky tap can be a serious problem not to mention how much it will rack up in water bills! When a tap starts to leak the problem is only going to get worse. Luckily most taps can be easily repaird with replacement parts and a bit of DIY or you could replace the tap completely if you fancy giving your kitchen or bathroom a bit of a facelift. However, if you are unsure of what you are doing you can always call out a plumber to do the job for you.

Mould – If you start to notice mould on wall and ceilings then it’s a good sign that water is running somewhere it shouldn’t be! It is always best to try and locate and deal with a leak as soon as possible as leaving it can quickly cause a lot of damage and with it bring some hefty repair bills! If you suspect a leak, then you should seek the help of a plumber straight away.

Discoloured or Smelly Water – if your water starts to turn a yellow/brown colour and has a foul smell then it can be a sign of corrosion in the pipework. This happens when over time when the hard water chemically reacts with the pipes and they begin to rust and corrode. Not only is this water unpleasant if left untreated the pipes can become blocked and cause pressure to build inside the pipes.

If you have noticed any of the above signs and need a professional plumber to make the necessary repairs or replacements to your old plumbing, then contact JWC Plumbing & Heating today – 0151 345 4039

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