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When Do I Need to Call An Emergency Plumber

It is important to know when to call an emergency plumber. Sometimes we think we might be able to fix a small plumbing problem ourselves with a bit of DIY and maybe a YouTube video. But in some circumstances, it’s definitely a better idea to contact your local emergency plumber to make sure you do not make the problem worse and cause unnecessary damage to your home.

There are a number of different situations that would warrant calling an emergency plumber some of these are:

  • Frozen Pipes
  • Burst Pipes
  • Blocked Drains
  • Overflowing or Leaking Toilets

These are all issues that need to be addressed quickly to avoid causing further damage to the pipework and your home.

Frozen Pipes – Frozen pipes can cause many problems for you and the best way to avoid frozen pipe issues is to not let them freeze in the first place! There are number of things you can do it avoid your pipes freezing in the winter months.

  • Insulate Water Tanks and Pipes – Wrapping pipes in pipe sponge covers insulates the pipes so they do not freeze.
  • Leave Your Heating On – Leaving your heating on at a low temperature when your out or asleep will keep warm water in the system and prevent any pipes from freezing
  • Run Your Taps – It’s harder for water to freeze when it’s moving so turning your taps on and off frequently can help prevent pipes from freezing.

If you find your home has frozen pipes then you should definitely call an emergency plumber.

Block Drains

Blocked drains are an unpleasant site for anyone and can even cause pest infestations such as rats to enter your home. Sometimes these issues can be sorted out easily with a bit of DIY knowledge but if it keeps on happening it’s definitely time to call an emergency plumber to ensure no further damage is done.

Burst Pipes

This is one of the more common reasons we get called out on emergency jobs, if you notice any sort of water leak coming through your ceiling or flooding any part of your house, it is essential that you contact an emergency plumber immediately to ensure no further damage is done. Trying to bodge a pipe that has burst can cause more damage so try to avoid DIY plumbing at all costs.

Overflowing Toilets

Toilets backing up can make an awful mess and cause a lot of damage to property especially if the toilet is on an upper level. Continually flushing a toilet if it is blocked can indeed make the problem worse so we would recommend that you contact an emergency plumber in this instance. An emergency plumber will be able to diagnose the issue and find the best solutions for the job without causing any more damage or flooding in your property.

If you require the services of an emergency plumber in Liverpool and the surrounding areas then contact JWC Plumbing & Heating 24 hours a day on 07506 388 667

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